About Us

Mayo Hardware & Master Lock

Mayo Hardware is the exclusive distributor of Master Lock in Australia and New Zealand.

Established in 1928, Mayo Hardware is an Australian owned family company. We distribute throughout Australia, New Zealand and the Pacific Islands and employ more than 120 staff.

Mayo Hardware is proudly recognised as a supplier of value to the trade, commercial, government & retail markets. We hold a market leading position in the lockout/tagout and security categories.

We work with our end-users to deliver customised isolation solutions that are designed to meet the specific needs of your site.

Member - National Safety Council of Australia (NSCA)

For the better part of 90 years, the NSCA has played an important role in helping to inspire, educate, inform and engage Australian business in best practice WHS and risk management.

As Australia’s leading safety community they provide businesses with a range of training options and consultancy services to ensure a healthier and safer workplace, and can deliver services on site or off site. Their auditing solutions can assist your business in achieving compliance to WHS/OHS Certification and Quality programs.

Mayo Hardware is proud to be a member of the NSCA to influence safer workplace culture.


National Permit To Work Committee

Mayo Hardware is a founding member of the National Permit to Work Committee (NPTWC) which is made up of industry representatives from a variety of industries across Australia and New Zealand including Mining, Oil & Gas, Manufacturing, Power Generation and Utilities.

The NPTWC grew from the vision of an industry-driven standard as the benchmark for Permit to Work (PTW) systems. The NPTWC recognises that, although there is currently a diverse array of terminologies, hardware, and systems in use, there is an intrinsic commonality in the principles of all PTW systems. Development of an AS/NZS Standard for PTW would draw these common threads together and provide a significant benefit by ensuring the health and safety of workers in AS/NZS Standard framework.