Safety Padlock Identification

Laser Engraving

Searching for the right key or employee can be extremely frustrating and time consuming and can often lead to lost production due to longer than scheduled shutdowns. Safety Padlock engraving is a cost effective way of eliminating such inefficiencies from your lockout/tagout system.

Master Lock Safety Padlocks can be laser engraved on up to 4 sides with anything from key number, to employee name and number or even company logos to minimise lock pilferage.

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD the Safety Padlock Engraving Template.

Photo Identification

Master Lock Photo Identification allows you to personalise safety padlocks and tags to make the user quickly and easily identifiable.

Simply take a photo with a digital camera, resize and cut the picture to size and apply to the label. A top laminate then seals the picture into the label.

Photo identification labels are available to fit all Master Lock safety padlocks.

Traffolite Labels & Tags

Traffolite is a multi-layered plastic sheet suitable for engraving.

Each layer is a different colour so engraved letters or shapes would be a different colour from the un-engraved portions. Thus it could be used for padlock labels, key rings and isolation point labelling.

Custom shapes and sizes available.

Contact us for more information on Traffolite engraving.