Cable Lockouts

Retractable Cable Lockouts

  • 2.7m colour-coded cable for easy identification and improved visibility
  • Yellow nylon core cable for dielectric applications, red steel core cable for general applications
  • Ergonomic take-up wheel retracts cable into Rugged Zenex™ thermoplastic housing
  • Contoured design allows stacking of multiple devices for easy storage and transportation
  • Colour-coded labels labels allow users to quickly identify the devices designed for general or electrical applications
  • Four 10mm lock holes allow for safety padlocks and hasps to secure the device during lockout
  • How to apply this device click here
  • Part No: S856 – Retractable Steel Core Cable Lockout
  • Part No: S866 – Retractable Nylon Cable Lockout

Adjustable Cable Lockout

  • Pull tight cable adjusts for a secure fit every time.
  • Integrated safety hasp and cable is ideal for multiple circuit breaker panel and side-by-side gate valve lockouts
  • Tough, flexible multi-stranded steel cable is insulated with a clear plastic coating
  • Feed the cable end through the points to be locked out, then back through the lockout body, cinch it tight to remove any slack with the patented locking feature
  • Tough, lightweight Zenex™ thermoplastic body withstands chemicals and performs effectively in extreme conditions -46°C to 149°C
  • Part No: S806 – 4mm diameter x 1.8m
  • Part No: S806CBL3 – 4mm diameter x 914mm
  • Part No: S806CBL15 – 4mm diameter x 4.5m