Pneumatic & Wheel Lockouts

Pneumatic Lockout

  • Prevents pneumatic fitting from being connected to pressurized air source
  • Fits virtually all male pneumatic fittings found in manufacturing facilities
  • Stainless steel construction for corrosion resistance
  • Measures 3.4cm wide x 19.6cm x 0.3cm thick
  • Works with all Master Lock safety padlocks and hasps
  • Part No: S3900

Steering Wheel Cover

  • Warning notifies employees not to start or move vehicle
  • Lock in place with a 0421 hasp and safety padlock
  • For added security use S806 lockout cable around steering wheel and foot pedals
  • Part No: 4716 fits 40.6cm diameter steering wheel
  • Part No: 4720 fits 50.8cm diameter steering wheel
  • Part No: 4724 fits 60.9cm diameter steering wheel