Electrical contractor sentenced to 7 years in prison over death of young tradesman - 12.3.18

The electrical contractor responsible for a young worker’s death when he was electrocuted in a workplace incident in February 2012 has been sentenced to seven years’ jail time.

The 20-year-old victim was electrocuted when the electrician failed to turn off the power to a sub-board he was helping to install.

The electrical contractor was sentenced to seven years’ jail for manslaughter and perjury. He will be eligible for parole after serving two years behind bars.

ABC reports that Prosecutor Todd Fuller QC said the victim’s death was “tragic and preventable” and that the contractor was solely responsible for the electrical work at the site.

He said the contractor did not install safety switches which could have prevented the death of the worker.

The victim’s parents were in tears as they recall witnessing how paramedics tried to revive their son.

“Once it was over I spent 10 minutes with his body saying goodbye,” ABC quoted the victim’s father as saying.

“The changes to our lives from then to now have been harrowing.”

Source: OHS News