Safety alert reminds workers of the risks of electric shock when entering ceiling spaces - 13.12.17

A safety alert issued by SafeWork NSW reminds both electrical and non-electrical workers of the risks of electric shock when entering ceiling spaces of properties.

The safety watchdog says electric shock arising from contact with damaged or exposed energised (live) wiring or equipment could lead to serious injury or death.

The safety alert follows a recent incident in which a licenced electrician died when undertaking electrical wiring work in the ceiling space of a residential duplex. The incident occurred as a result of making contact with live electrical wiring.

In a separate incident a carpenter received a fatal electric shock when carrying out roof repairs on a residential property after coming in contact with damaged wiring that formed part of the electricity supply wiring to the meter box.

Prior to entering any ceiling space, switch OFF all power at the electricity meter box and place a lock on the MAIN SWITCH or on the meter box itself to prevent unauthorised access and inadvertent re-energisation. If it is not reasonably practicable to use a lock, use a recognisable lock-out tag.

Additional information on this safety alert is available on SafeWork NSW website.

Source: OHS News