Unlicensed gas work causes an explosion, injuring a worker. - 31.3.21

An explosion at a restaurant on 10 September 2019 has resulted in a worker receiving burns to 17% of his body, including his face and arms. The worker had trouble igniting a deep fryer gas appliance and unwittingly turned on the individual gas isolation valve for the unsealed pipe, which had been left open by another worker after disconnection of another gas appliance.

On 18 March 2021, the defendant pleaded guilty and was sentenced for carrying out unlicensed gas work and failing to comply with safety requirements by leaving an open-ended pipe uncapped. The defendant was fined $5,000 and ordered to pay $2,000 in compensation to the injured worker.

An investigation revealed that the defendant was not a holder of a gas work license authorising him to carry out the gas work. Had the gas been performed by a gas work license holder, the unsealed pipe would have been capped in accordance with the safety requirements, and the gas leak would not have occurred.

There was no conviction recorded.

The original article can be found on the Resources Safety & Health Queensland website.

Source: SafetyCulture