WA farm fined after worker’s fingers amputated - 24.8.15

A WA farming company and a director were fined a total of $35,000 in the Moora Magistrates Court last week, following a workplace incident in which an employee had parts of three fingers amputated by an auger hopper.

The company and the director both pleaded guilty to failing to provide a safe working environment, thus causing serious harm to a worker.

The May 2012 incident occurred at a cattle and hay farm in New Norcia. Crops and grains are also grown on the farm, and machinery including air seeders with augers attached are used.

The court heard the injuries were inflicted when the worker saw a piece of rock in the hopper and reached for it. The auger hopper had not been fitted with guards due to difficulties with the fertiliser clumping and not getting through the guard.

(Source: OHS News)