Warning to SA construction workers after rise in electric shock incidents - 23.8.22

SafeWork SA warns construction workers to make electrical safety a priority following an increase in the number of electric shock incidents reported in the past two years.

In 2021-22, SafeWork SA was notified of 348 electric shock incidents, with the construction industry accounting for nearly a quarter of all electric shock notifications during this period.

Included in the types of electrical safety issues identified were electrical equipment or wiring that has not been de-energised when working on or near it, and safe work method statements (SWMS) that are missing, inadequate or not followed when undertaking work on or near energised electrical installation or services.

SafeWork SA said. “The Work Health and Safety Act 2012 (SA) requires SafeWork SA to be notified when a workplace exposes any person to a serious risk resulting from an immediate or imminent exposure to an electric shock, even if no one is injured.”

Following the new figures, SafeWork SA has partnered with relevant stakeholders to publish new guidance material on electrical safety in the workplace.

SACSA has developed a safety essentials flyer containing information to minimise risks of electrical incidents that will be shared and posted at their members worksites.

Source: OHS Daily News and SafeWork SA